Conveyors and Augers


Conveyors and augers are critical pieces of equipment that are necessary in the waste transfer process. These devices allow waste and recycled products to efficiently be moved from one location to another without loss or inefficiency in the system.

Belt and Chain Conveyors

Belt and chain conveyors available at Sikkema Equipment come with a variety of features that make waste transfer simple and uncomplicated. Check out the reliable belt and chain conveyors available today to make waste or feed transfer effortless.

  • Available in double or single chain options
  • Variety of length selections
  • Built with maintenance convenience in mind for simple upkeep
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Manure Auger

Manure augers are excellent tools for transfer and rapid loading or unloading of solid or semi-solid manure. AvailableĀ in optional lengths, manure augers can be utilized in a variety of systems within any residential or commercial operation where transfer is necessary.

  • Allows simple transfer method for loading, unloading, transferring manure
  • Come in optional lengths and sizes for specific applications
  • Can be used in various applications and settings of any sized operation
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