Waste Transfer


Waste transfer is a crucial and necessary aspect of farm management. Let Sikkema Equipment supply your operation with the most effective equipment on the market to maximize resource use and escalate profit gain.

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Pumps & Agitators

At Sikkema Equipment, a wide variety of pumps and agitators are available to meet your operation’s specific needs. With various options existing, whether vertical, floating, piston transfer pumps, flush pumps, or pump and agitator combinations, Sikkema Equipment wants to outfit you with the appropriate pump today!

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Scraper Systems

To consider the needs of individual operations, Sikkema Equipment wants to ensure you have the appropriate model of scraper system to best suit working needs. These nearly independent gutter and alley scrapers require very little maintenance and allow the farmer to focus attention and time elsewhere while barn floors are kept clean and safe.

  • Fully automated or manual program choices
  • Cleans floors in quiet, non-stressful manner that will not disrupt cows
  • Maximizes cow comfort and safety in providing the cleanest floors possible
  • Variety of cables, scraper blades, floor tracks, and gutter cover options available

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Conveyors & Augers

Conveyors and augers are critical pieces of equipment that are necessary in the waste transfer process. Check out the conveyor and auger selections available and pair the most competent and logical machinery with your waste handling and transfer system to gain the most resourceful arrangement possible.

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