There are many separators available from Sikkema Equipment that will enhance any solid and liquid separation process. These separators are capable of high degrees of separation and drying and will ensure that the maximum amount of dry matter is recovered from liquid or flush manure.

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The DT-X is the ideal separator option for fine separation without screen cleaning needed. Effluent is sent to lagoons and fibers are stacked. The DT-X is a sophisticated and effective option for implementation of a manure handling system and separation of fibers for improved quality of flumes and sand lanes.

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The DT360 is an expert separator with a rotary screen that is equipped with an external spray bar. The DT360 Separator profitably separates and stacks fibers and ensures nutrient recovery.  Check out the DT360 Separator available at Sikkema Equipment today for a proficient choice in your separation and recovery system!

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