Solid / Liquid Separation


Solid and liquid separation processes are currently more necessary than ever on farms throughout the world. These separation processes allows dairymen to fully utilize, recycle, and reuse costly resources.

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There are an array of separators available from Sikkema Equipment that will enhance any solid and liquid separation process. These separators are capable of high degrees of differentiation and will ensure that the maximum amount of dry matter is recovered from liquid or flush manure.

  • Enhances the quality and accuracy of separation for stack-able fiber and nutrient recovery
  • Improves quality of flume and sand lane content
  • Very little screen repair or maintenance required
  • Work in coordination with multiple roller presses

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Roller Presses

Roller presses are responsible for compressing any liquid and moisture from solid content in the separation process. Check out the varying options and sizes of roller presses at Sikkema Equipment that will best fit your operation to give you the edge and increased efficiency in bedding and fine separation.

  • Variety of roller sizes with selections of standard, 2, 4, or 6 air bag options for changeable degrees of dryness
  • Individual air bag pressure regulation to control dryness level and feed entry rate between rollers
  • All roller presses can be fed by the DT-X or DT360 separator models
  • Ensure heightened efficiency in separation practices that allow for cleaner flumes and sand lanes

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Screw Press

The Screw Press separator is one of the fastest and most effective separators offered due to its high pressure screw press method of solid and liquid separation. This screw press guarantees exceptional compressing capabilities for any level of separation system.

  • Capable of drying down material to 38%
  • Capable of quickly and effectively dewatering manure
  • Reduces lagoon maintenance and increases lagoon storage space
  • Gives method by which recaptured fibers can be used as bedding

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