Nutrient Recovery


Discover the nutrient recovery system from Sikkema Equipment that will enable you to recapture and reuse vital micronutrients in order to diminish waste and extend resource use.

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Decanter Centrifuge

The Decanter Centrifuge offers an outstanding form of secondary separation for increased discernment of solids, liquids, and nutrients. Look into a Decanter Centrifuge from Sikkema Equipment today to keep your lagoon and flush systems cleaner than ever before.

  • Separates matter using centrifugal forces according to size, shape, density, viscosity
  • Capable of high capture of solids and fine particles
  • Increases flush quality while reducing water usage

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Polymers are critical additives in the separation process that are used to cause flocculation, or an increase in the grouping of small, fine particles. Once the fine particles aggregate, the separation process can more efficiently isolate and separate fine particles.

  • Used in coordination with separator or centrifuge decanter to increase efficiency of fine particle separation
  • Allows particles to be¬†easily isolated for increased nutrient recovery
  • Polymers are critical additives that cause flocculation, which increases the efficiency of fine particle separation.
  • Polymers guarantee heightened and superior nutrient recovery when added to a centrifuge.
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