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Let us help you decide which compost, fiber, or sand bedding system implementation will give your operation the competitive edge in resource handling and management.

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Compost Bedding

Agriculturalists can capitalize on the naturally occurring phenomenon of composting by processing liquid manure and gaining an end product of mature compost that can be used as organic, recycled bedding. Check out the Screw Press Separator and Bedding Master available at Sikkema Equipment today to economically recycle manure and immediately begin to offset bedding costs!

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Fiber Bedding

Fiber bedding is an economical method of green bedding in which liquid manure is processed to extract fibers that can be cleaned, stacked and reused as organic bedding. At Sikkema Equipment, there are various models and sizes of separators and roller presses that will successfully accomplish this separation process. Using recycled fibers as bedding is a smart, cost-effective venture for farms to spend less money on new bedding resources.

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Sand Bedding

Sand bedding is the leading inorganic approach to bedding cows. Because sand is an innate substance, it does not promote bacterial growth and is unmatched in cow comfort and cleanliness. By enlisting the sand separation system from Sikkema Equipment, sand can be recuperated and thoroughly cleaned in order to be reused as hygienic, inorganic bedding.

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