Curtain Systems


SE has a variety of curtain options and accessories to finish off your barn project and get it ready for cold weather. The Pro-Long curtain system is designed with the customer in mind, from fully automated systems that save on labor, to economical lifting systems that offer superior lifting capability. SE has a curtain system for you.

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SE Pro-Long Automated Drives

  • Safely lifts curtain runs up to 600’
  • Labor saving
  • Complete weather station controlled (optional)
  • Great for critical areas such as calf barns
  • Keeps a tight seal when in the closed position
  • Pairs seamlessly with our other Pro-Long curtain systems
  • 24V DC motor options available
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SE Pro-Long Manual Drives

  • Manual winch and Electric hoist options
  • Safely lifts curtain runs up to 400′
  • Internal braking systems – stays where needed
  • Interchangeable with other SE drive systems
  • An economical option of lifting longer runs of curtain


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Pockets are an important part of the curtain system.  Motor pockets are used to house or cover the drive units, keeping them protected from the outside elements.  End pockets are used to keep wind from entering through the corner of the building while keeping the curtain tight to the wall.

  • Fabric or Steel options are available (Fabric shown)
  • Motor pockets offer protection from the rain and snow
  • End pockets protect the ends of the curtain from wind
  • Motor pockets swing open & are easily accessible for maintenance & adjustment
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Wind Support & Cattle Guard

Wind support is needed to protect your curtain investment during significant wind events.  This system is used to hold the curtain tight to the wall reducing the wear on the fabric.

  • Internal and external support options available
  • External support available in steel pipe or 2″ strap
  • Internal support available in steel pipe or coated cable
  • 2″x 2″ PVC coated, galvanized mesh for cattle guard

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