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Proper ventilation is essential in many farming facilities including in livestock barns, equipment storage and supply storage facilities that require proper aeration. Furnish your facility with the array of ventilation products found at Sikkema Equipment.

Curtain Systems

Winters are brisk and breezy! Curtains from Sikkema Equipment provide an excellent method for blocking undesirable wind and weather elements from entering your barn. Curtains are tough and heavy duty, yet still allow plenty of natural light to shine through the fabric.

  • Curtains available in 12 oz. (Other weights available)
  • Variety of lift and suspension packages from fully automated to hand crank automations
  • Pro-Long Operation systems available to extend and easily operate lengths of curtain
  • Pro-Long pockets and pocket kit selections available
  • Wind bracing packages are also available to provide the utmost protection for your curtain

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Fans are essential fixtures in dairy barns that experience warm weather or stagnant air conditions. Pick the combination of fan and hanging system that are perfectly fit for your situation!

  • Ensures a properly ventilated environment to reduce cow stress and improve overall health
  • Prevents stationary air conditions and ensures flowing, fresh air is delivered throughout barn
  • Variety of fan types available to meet all customer preferences
  • Assortment of fan hanging systems to ensure mounting style is appropriate and safe for every barn design
  • Maintenance packages available. *Valid in Michigan only

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Tube Ventilation

Tube ventilation provides an inventive method of transferring fresh air to the living area of calves. This product will encourage air flow in any warm or stagnant environment.

  • Provides fresh air to calves and cows in stagnant air environments
  • Low electricity costs to run motor
  • Ability to endure long and consistent hours of operation
  • Minimal maintenance required

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Shade Cloth

If you are interested in reducing the amount of sunlight that enters your barn, the shade cloth is the ideal product for you! The shade cloth has diverse uses such as shade, curtain or bird netting applications.

  • Blocks intense sunlight to protect livestock from direct heat
  • Variety of shade scale options available
  • Can block up to 80% of sunlight
  • Can be used as shade cloth, curtain, or in bird netting applications
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