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There are many products available at Sikkema Equipment for housing units, pasteurizers, ventilation systems, trainer panels and calf comfort items that will fulfill any and every need that arises when raising calves.

Hutch & Pen Systems

Calf hutches and penning systems that come with an extensive list of features for calves in both outdoor and indoor settings are available at Sikkema Equipment. These hutch and pen arrangements have an easy assembly and take down process, yet still have extraordinary longevity rates.

  • Constructed with strong polyethylene panels
  • Have freestanding single unit capabilities or interlocking abilities to merge units together
  • Extensive customizable options for water, feed, and ventilation access

*Many options available

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In order to meet the demands of any dairy operation, multiple sizes of pasteurizers are available at Sikkema Equipment. Explore the options and find the best fit for your operation.

  • Automated, carefree pasteurize systems that require minimal attention
  • Equipped with pump agitation and dispense system
  • Come in a variety of size selections including 15, 40, 60, 90, 120, 150, 200, or 250 gallon unit options
  • Pre-cooling program option that allows for lengthy milk storage capabilities
  • Colostrum milk pasteurization and thaw programs also available to ensure proper handling and storage
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Tube Ventilation

Tube ventilation provides an innovative method of transferring fresh and cool air to the living space of calves. This product will increase air flow in any warm or stagnant environment.

  • Provides fresh air to calves in stagnant air environments
  • Low electricity costs to run motor
  • Ability to endure long and consistent hours of operation
  • Minimal maintenance or repair necessary

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Trainer panels

Trainer panels and slant bars are fantastic and effective tools for training calves to stick their heads through gates. Getting calves accustomed to gates at a young age can save a lot stress, irritation, and time in the future when calves are larger and more difficult to handle.

  • Trains calves at a young age to put their head through a gate for eating or treatment and handling purposes
  • Galvanized, heavy duty gates
  • Hinges can be made for any post style
  • Easy installation process
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Calf warmers – can be crucial tools for calves that are born during cold days and nights

  • Exposes calves immediately to a warm air source when under temperature related duress
  • Life saving tool for calves born in cold or wet environments
  • Spacious enough for calves to lie down or stand up in
  • Easy to use with very little maintenance or repair required

Calf coats – that provide exceptional protection when it is needed most can be found at Sikkema Equipment!

  • Quilted, 3M Thinsulate lined coats
  • Equipped with a tough, water repellent outer shell that blocks harsh weather elements
  • Machine washable
  • Multiple sizes, fabrics, colors available
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