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At Sikkema Equipment, we offer a wide variety of barn equipment products to meet the multiple needs of any sized operation.

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Crowd Gates

The StepSaver Crowd Gate is one of Sikkema Equipment’s original products that was first installed over thirty years ago! StepSaver Crowd Gates have been sold and installed all over the United States, Europe, and South America.

  • Pick from Standard, Basic, or Manual options
  • Quiet, gentle, non-stressful mechanism of encouraging cows into parlor
  • Automated or Manual programs that can be programmed to specific operation needs
  • Cows quickly learn to move into parlor when gate is in use
  • Eliminate injuries that cows may endure when being forced into the milking parlor or other holding areas
  • Allows operators more time to focus attention in the parlor and decrease milking hours

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At Sikkema Equipment, multiple gate variations are available to fit any situation found on a farming operation. Choose from the vast variety of high quality, select gates that come equipped with robust hinge systems that are strong and built to last.

  • Assortment of gate choices including swing, tip, door guard, bi-fold, and extendable designs
  • Heavy duty, galvanized gates that are built to last
  • Resilient hinge systems
  • Built to fit any opening needs
  • Auto latch options available for quickness and efficiency

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At Sikkema Equipment, we offer an assortment of energy free livestock drinkers that are multi-purpose products for a variety of livestock including cattle, hogs, goats, horses, and sheep. Pair a drinker with a ‘Sikkema Drinker Guard’ to prevent cows from standing in drinkers and reduce the amount of bacteria in the water.

  • Extremely durable assembly made of 100% Polyethylene
  • Variety of size options to choose from
  • Optional Roll-away ball closures prevents water from freezing and reduces extent of sludge and bacteria that accumulates in a drinker over time
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and physical damage

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An extraordinary freestall has outstanding features that smartly maximizes usage of space and propagates cow comfort. Choose from Sikkema Equipment’s selections of freestalls paired with your choice of mounting system to fit your exact preferences and unique building design.

  • Choose from single, double, or triple bend stall options
  • Choice of stall mounting system to best fit barn layout
  • Maximizes usage of space
  • Enhances cow comfort
  • Simple installation technique that does not require alteration of barn and can be accomplished quickly

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Sikkema Equipment offers headlocks that have single or double swing frame designs that are easy and comfortable for cows to use while ensuring both human and animal safety. Check out our headlocks today to ensure the happiness and security of your cows, while still meeting the needs of any task.

  • Choose from single or double swing design
  • Quick cow head lock up mechanism that is easy to use
  • Individual headlock release achieved from the front of the headlock
  • Simple and comfortable for cows to use
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Alley Matting / Mattress

Rubber alley matting is crucial for providing adequate traction and relief for cows in every operation, no matter the size. Check out the variety of rubber matting options that are especially beneficial for holding areas, alleys, stalls, cow decks, and any other space where cows and workers must continuously stand and walk.

  • Multiple matting style options including alley, mattress, and sand saver matting
  • Provides exceptional traction on wet and slippery floors
  • Provides cushion to protect joints of livestock and workforce
  • Tailored and specific installation of matting to meet precise needs and fitting requirements
  • Various style options available for every situation

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Kow Kisser Brisket Pipe

The Kow Kisser Brisket Pipe is an indestructible pipe that is designed to constrain cows in the proper position in freestalls when laying down or getting up.

  • Designed to constrain cows in proper freestall position
  • Durable and shatterproof pipe
  • Available in any length needed
  • Simple and quick installation process

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Kow Keeper Strap

The Kow Kisser Strap is a hardy, nylon strap that is installed to ensure that cows stay properly oriented in freestalls. This simple, yet effective product provides a positive directional method to deter any misbehavior in freestall barns without causing upset or trauma to the cow.

  • Encourages proper position of cows in freestalls
  • Tough nylon fabric can withstand prolonged wear and tear
  • Simple and fast installation process
  • Decreases injury of cows that may result from getting wedged between or under stalls

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