In coordination with customer preferences and operation requirements, layout of each project is thoroughly vetted before development or implementation phases begin.


Devising layout plans for building barns is an exhaustive and comprehensive task in which every detail is purposefully evaluated and strategized. With a broad range of building structures available through Sikkema Equipment, barn layout possibilities are flexible and limitless.

Barns Available:

  • Freestall
  • Calf
  • Hay
  • Other
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Developing layout designs for resource management and conservation systems offered at Sikkema Equipment is a systematic and detailed procedure. Throughout the planning process, Sikkema Equipment will ensure customers are fitted with the most effective and efficient system to conserve the maximum amount of resources and increase profit.

Systems Available:

  • Bedding Systems
  • Solid and Liquid Separation Systems
  • Nutrient Recovery Systems
  • Waste Transfer Systems
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