Hoop Structures


Check out the Hoop structure opportunities at Sikkema Equipment today to fulfill any barn needs. The possibilities are endless with this versatile construction option.

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Livestock Barns

Hoop structures can be designed and outfitted to accommodate any species of livestock. With a versatile building design, inside layout can meet any livestock housing needs or requirements.

  • Use of natural lighting for well-lit interior environments
  • Enhanced ventilation capabilities
  • Open layout with considerable room for livestock movement
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Riding Arenas

Hoop structures provide the ideal environment for any riding discipline and can also serve as a hosting venue.

  • Natural lighting through passable fabric eliminates dark corners that may frighten horses
  • Fabric membrane material allows for a climate controlled atmosphere, keeping the riding environment cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Unique building design provides ample room to host any style of riding event
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Supply Storage

Hoop structures provide an accommodating shelter for meeting supply storage needs. With extraordinary height and wide frame build, a variety of commodities can be stored in Hoop structures. With a clear span design, these structures are guaranteed to protect supplies from moisture and other unwanted exposures.

Use Hoop Structures to Store:

  • Hay / Grain
  • Silage
  • Salt / Sand
  • Processed Waste
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Equipment Storage

The unique build of Hoop structures creates ideal space for large equipment storage. With extra height and width buildings, a variety of equipment can safely be stored and protected from all harsh elements.

Use Hoop Structures to Store:

  • Tractors
  • Farming implement
  • Boats
  • Endless possiblities
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