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Growing up on a Michigan dairy farm, I saw and experienced first hand the values and hard work of agriculture. Many of my parents’ forefathers were sent across the ocean as mere children and were told that with hard work, honesty, and a more, faith-filled life, they could accomplish a dream. Upon graduating college and in debt, I always wanted to say that I built something from nothing. When I look back at the sacrifices of my parent’s day, I am not sure that my sacrifices measure up to theirs, but I do know I still share the dream of making a difference in agriculture today.

Agriculture has had its share of hard times, but it is my mission, and the mission of this company to support, redesign, develop, and inspire new methods to make you, our cherished customer, more profitable. Our original product, the “StepSaver Crowd Gate,” which was created over 38 years ago, proved to be one of the most profitable investments for the dairy industry then and now. We are always striving for new innovation in the agriculture industry. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your farming operations.


Dennis Sikkema

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