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1979 – Automated Calf Care

Dennis Sikkema started a business named Automated Calf Care selling group pen calf feeders.  The Stepsaver crowd gate was also developed, a product many customers are still benefiting from around the country today.

1980’s – Automated Farm Service

The business became known as “Automated Farm Service.”  The company’s product line took on many aspects of the dairy industry including feeding systems, silo unloaders, mixers, conveyors, and more of the latest technology.  

Late 90’s – Sikkema Equipment, Inc.

The business focus changed from equipment supplier to more of a service & install model.

2005 – Hoop Buildings

Sikkema Equipment signed on as a dealer to erect hoop buildings making way for construction to be a part of the package.  CAD / Design was also implemented for the drafting and design of building projects.

2008 – Construction Team

With hoop buildings becoming more & more prevalent, diversifying into a full range construction company was a natural transition.  With the downturn in the housing market, Sikkema Equipment was blessed to receive talents of some previous home builders. This made expanding into being a general contractor possible.

2011 – Waste Management Team

With the growth of other aspects of the company growing, the need for becoming an expert in waste management grew.  Experts in the field were hired and that addition of the business took off.

2015 – “SE”

With new faces and ideas coming into play, the business changed the way it branded.  SE not only paid homage to the old business name, but also created avenues for the company that being associated with only equipment couldn’t.

2018 – Change of ownership

Dennis Sikkema sold the company to Bob Woronko, Keith Sikkema, and Beth DeMercurio who vow to carry on the exceptional service which has been provided to customers since 1979.

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